ORBIT Solid Band Clamps 12mm BAND WIDTH (DIN 3017 Standard)


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• The band thread is precisely cold formed into the band which results in a smooth surface underside

to optimize hose protection and the band edges are raised to prevent damage to the hose.

• They are manufactured and tested according to the German Standard DIN3017.

• ORBIT Solid Band Clamps (Din 3017 Standard) are available in 2 grades W2 or W3

• Grade W2: Band and Housing: 430 stainless steel and zinc plated screw.

• Grade W3: Band, Housing and Screw: All 430 grade Stainless Steel.

• CORROSION RESISTANCE (W2) Salt Spray Testing > 144 hours

• CORROSION RESISTANCE (W3) Salt Spray Testing > 400 hours