MISSION EPDM Hump Hose Reducers


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Features & Benefits

• Specifically formulated EPDM compound.

• Available in nitrile and chloroprene and silicone compounds.

• Vacuum collapse rating exceeds 4″ Hg. mercury.

• Recommended for temperatures: -60°F to +300°F duty.

• Complies with physical properties requirements of ASTM D2000 3BA715A14B13C12F17. 70 ±5 Shore A Hardness


1500 PSI Tensile, minimum. 250% Elongation, minimum.

Air Age, 70 Hrs. at 100° C. Durometer Change, +10, maximum.

Tensile Change, -25%, maximum.

Elongation Change, -25%, maximum.

Comp. Set, Method B, at 70° C. 25% maximum.

Ozone Resistance, D1171, Method B, Quality Retention Rating: 100%

Low Temp. Brittleness, D2137, Method A. Non Brittle after 3 Minutes at -40° C.

All Mission EPDM products are designed to meet unique transition requirements in air intake systems that require articulation or vibration isolation.