RG RAY General Purpose V-Insert Clamps


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Developing high axial clamping force with high burst pressure capability. V-Inserts are welded to a flexible outer band. Typical appllications include heavy duty diesel engine exhaust and turbochargers.

V-Clamps can be used to hold together virtually any flanged joint. Common applications range from light to heavy duty and include diesel engines, turbochargers, pumps, filter vessels, tubing and countless other flanged items. V-Clamps are produced in a wide range of materials based upon application requirements. Typical material is 300 series Stainless Steel, but plated carbon steel or specialty materials, such as, A286, Inconel and others are not uncommon. V-Clamps are currently available in over fifty different type and fastener configurations.

Stocked sizes range from 3 inch to 5 inch diameter, other sizes maybe available upon request. Many V-retainer profiles are already tooled; one may be suitable for your application.