The 580mm Croc Strap is an adjustable rubber tie that can be used for tying down ladders, poles, PVC conduit and pipes on roof racks or for holding the ends of long lengths of pipe and conduit to make them easier to carry.

Perfect for permanently attaching to heavy duty electrical leads so they can be coiled up then tied for hanging. Croc Straps can be daisy chained together to make longer straps if required.

– No dangerous metal hooks

 – Tie down PVC pipes & conduits

– Maintain tension under load

– UV protected to prolong product life

– Daisy chain for longer lengths

– Eliminate tangled electrical leads


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All Rubber ties are UV and Ozone protected to prolong product life, and are made from a specially formulated rubber compound that can withstand constant stretching and recoil action whilst maintaining tension under load.

Safer than the traditional “Ocky” strap as there are no dangerous metal hooks.

The Dog Bone (Heavy Duty) and the Standard Multi Purpose Rubber Ties are great for tradespeople, campers, truck tarps, 4WD & boating enthusiasts and the home handyman. We recommend stretching them no more than 30-50% of their length for best performance and to maximise life expectancy.