In July 1992, Tieco took over an exhaust pipe manufacturer, and in September that year, commenced manufacturing exhaust pipes and accessories.

At all times the company has specialised in the heavy duty truck market where it is a significant supplier (80% of OEMs) to the truck manufacturers and to the spare parts network throughout Australia. Tieco is a major supplier to the OEMs for their exhaust and air inlet and coolant pipes.

Sixteen years on, the company has consistently aimed to supply the best product in each category of its sales range, whether by importing or manufacturing it in its own premises. Tieco was the first Australian company in its industry group to achieve the ISO 9002 quality certification.

Tieco’s manufacturing division has the ability to adapt to small and large volumes, with a quick turn around of completed products, making us a favorite with customers.  Our specialist equipment enables us to manufacture components anywhere between 2.5” to 10”.

Dim. Inspection Service
MIG -TIG welding 
CAD technology 
Flow Punch Forming
C.N.C. Tube Bending
C.C. Pin Engraving
Pressure Testing 
Tube Swaging 
Tube Roll-marking 
Expand & Notch 
Spray Booth
Hi-temp Bake Oven
Digital Internal Tube Inspection Camera 

Production Management

Shivdeep Sidhu  M.Eng. (Hon)
Production ManagerWelding.htmlCad_Tech.htmlFlow_Punching.htmlMandrel_Bending.htmlPin_Marking.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1shapeimage_2_link_2shapeimage_2_link_3shapeimage_2_link_4shapeimage_2_link_5shapeimage_2_link_6shapeimage_2_link_7shapeimage_2_link_8shapeimage_2_link_9shapeimage_2_link_10shapeimage_2_link_11shapeimage_2_link_12shapeimage_2_link_13